Niki Tor
Niki Tor

19 Degrees is an electronic music composer and producer.


After graduating from high school, he moved to UK to study Electronic Engineering at the University of Kent at Canterbury. When he graduated from UKC, his interest in sound was the reason to complete an MSc in Music Information Technology at City University of London. During his studies, he was learning the aspects of sound including music production, storage and dissemination using analog and digital technology.


His desire to create and produce music induced him to study Piano Improvisation, techniques in Musical Composition in Morley College (UK) and Live Sequencing in New Conservatory of Thessaloniki (Greece).


He has a strong belief that music is one since different kinds of music are governed by similar rules.


His compositions are influenced by many kinds of music including pop, electro-pop, alternative pop/rock, classical music and most of the genres of electronic dance music. Some of his favorites artists-composers are Abba, Giorgio Moroder, Depeche Mode, Pets Shop Boys, New Order, Bjork, Pulp, Everything but the Girl, Underworld, Daft Punk and Moby.


19 Degrees debut album “Transitions” is released by WA Records on March 2017.


Composed/ Produced by 19 Degrees

Mastering by Greg@Mutantbit

Cover by Digital Ruins